Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Mrs. McMurphy

We took a trip to the library this past week and Gavin went straight for this book. We first checked this out last October during Halloween and he has been checking out regularly since. Everytime we go to the library this is the first book he wants to get and we read it about a 100 times before it goes back to the library. I'm personally a little sick of it, and can repeat it on command, but my little man loves it so.....I guess Mrs. McMurphy is here to stay!


K-10 said...

Although very annoying I am sure, those books are the best. I can just rattle them off and Bridgette holds the book and turns the pages...I on the other hand just rest my eyes and lie there.


We have that book - it is cute - but it only comes out for the month of October and then it goes back in the Halloween box.