Monday, August 25, 2008

Long Lost Brother

I strongly urge you to watch this video! If Obama care so little for his own family, he certainly isn't going to care about you, me, or the rest of America!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Muslim Woman

Last Thursday I had a nail appointment with mom and so Justin, as he graciously does when I have appointments, took Gavin out for about an hour. They decided to go and get drinks at a Cricle K near our house. Justin got his Diet Pepsi and Gavin his Icee (Or Ice Pop as he likes to call them). They were waiting in line to purchase their drinks and there happened to be a Muslim woman, dressed in the traditional Muslim clothing, in front of them. Gavin starts talking to her and telling her all about his Ice Pop. She listens, purchases her things and then leaves the convenient store. Gavin then looks up at Justin and says, "Dad, she was really cold! She had a blanket on her head!" I laughed hysterically when he told me this! All I can be thankful for, is that he didn't say anything like that to her!
Kids say the darndest things!

Happy Birthday

Today is my dear sister Kristen's birthday! Here are some things that I love about this wonderful woman!

K - Kind! You will never meet a kinder more giving person then Kristen. She is generous and sincerely considerate of others needs and well being!
R - Responsible! If you give Kristen a task, absolutley anything, you know that you can count on her to get it done and get it done right! I wish I was that steadfast in my responsibilites
I - Involved! I love that whenever I need to know what's going on with any member of my family, I can call Kristen! She knows whats happening with everyone and everything!
S - Selfless! This one makes me tear up because when I think of one word that describes Kristen to a "T", it is selfless. She serves people more then anyone I know and she does it because she loves us, not for the recognition or the praise - purely because she loves us. If only we could all be so Christ-like!
T - Twilight Addict! This is one thing that makes me smile and laugh about Kristen! She is so passionate about these books and I love that she has something in her life that gives her this much enjoyment and that can allow her to escape! We all know that we need something to help us escape!
E - Energetic! Kristen, is a very passionate person and is always full of a lot of energy! That energy oozes from her and I can't help getting up beat and happy when I am around her, or even just talking to her on the phone! I wish that I could bottle that energy and have it with me all the time!
N - Nurse Carol! Kristen got this nick name while we were growing up because when any of us were sick or hurt, Kristen was right there to take care of us and nurse us back to health. I guess that goes back to her selflessness and generosity! She will forever hold this title - she may not nurse my illnesses anymore, but she nurses my soul!
I don't know what I would do without this woman in my life! She is one of my truest and closest friends and I love her more then anything on this planet! Happy Birthday Kristen! I sure do love you!

Hayden tuns 1!!!

I can't believe it was a year ago on Saturday that we had our sweet little baby boy! Look at him now! We sure do love our Hayden! He is such a joy and a blessing. We celebrated on Sunday and had a Cowboy Party. It was a lot of fun and he sure enjoyed his cake - as evidenced in the picture below!
Hayden is almost walking - he can take about 6-7 steps before he plops to the ground, but he's getting there. He is really starting to discover his voice and likes to squeal and mimic sounds. I'm still working on trying to get him to really laugh out loud, but it's more of a silent giggle! He is so sweet and mild and I just can't stop kissing his cute little face! We are so blessed to have him in our lives and I hope he knows how much his mommy and daddy and big brother love him! Happy Birthday Hayden!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Heap Reunion

This past weekend was the annual Heap Reunion. Every year there is a huge reunion up in the White Mountains near Green's Peak. I personally hadn't been the past few years (not without good reason- I was in nail school year before last, and last year I was 1 week away from having Hayden) so I had forgotten how fun they were and the kids had a blast! Hayden crawled around in the dirt and ingested quite a bit, and Gavin speant the entire time wandering the nearby forrest and taking rides on ponies, quads and Boyd's ranger. We took family walks and sat around and visited. Not to mention I killed Sarah in a few rounds of Phase Ten! It was really fun and it was great to get out of the heat down here in the valley. The only thing that killed it was not having Ralph and Denise there! They were so missed and we were all sad that they weren't there!
We look forward to next year though!

Birthday Bash Continued...

On the Friday after Gavin's birthday, he had Scooby Doo party with his all his boy cousins and a good friend David. We blew up my in-laws waterslide and had pizza and cake and ice cream. I think all of the kids had a really fun time and I was pretty glad when it was all over!
I can only hope that Gavin had a good time and knows how much we love him and are so happy that he is in our lives!

I was pretty proud of this cake. I think it's the best one I have done so far!

Wish my birthday lasted a week...

Gavin's 4th Birthday was on July 22nd and boy was it a birthday! It was a week long celebration and he still is talking about it.

The night before his birthday we invited his cousing Gannon over for a sleepover. They had fun watching The Bee Movie and snacking on popcorn.

On his actual birthday, I took he and Gannon to McDonalds for lunch and then he and the rest of his cousins, wento out to The "Jungle" Cafe' to see the crocodile and fish. Gavin loves this place and has been on several occasions with his Grandma and Grandpa Heap and he talks about it constantly.

That night, we got my sister to watch Hayden while we took Gavin out for a special evening with just mom and dad. We took him to his favorite restaraunt, Mi Amigos and then for a donut and Krispy Kreme's. All in all he had a very fun-filled day.