Friday, January 25, 2008

What a Beautiful Day for a Picnic

What a picnical day for a lark.....Gavin came into the kitchen the other day, grabbed my hand and asked if I wanted to come to his picnic. He lead me into the family room where I found his little picnic lunch lying out for us to enjoy. I just love his pumpkin lunch pail, and the delicious spread. I probably should have removed the wine and cigarettes before I took the picture. We'll frolic all day in a glorious way and we won't get home until dark!

"Cuzzi" Night

Or around our house Spa Night. Ya see, if the word Jacuzzi is used in any way shape or form, the rest of the day is filled with whines and complaints about how Gavin wants to "go in the 'cuzzi' with Grandpa!" So every once in a while Grandpa Heap will call up an invite Gavin over for a dip in the "Spa" and this past Monday was such a night. Lucky for mom, on those blessed days, that invitation gives her quite a bit of leverage and Gavin tends to behave himself more.
Unlucky for Grandpa Heap, Gavin could spend all night in there and in response to the question, "Are you ready to get out?" Gavin turns to him and says, "Nope, sorry, maybe later!" We are so grateful for Grandpa Heap and we'll miss those invitations to "Cuzzi" Night!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cleanliness is next to Godliness

Yes that's right people...I have attained a "Goddess"like state now that my pantry has been cleaned and organized. The wreck that once was my pantry, which has been saved from yet another year of chaos and disorder, is now singing my praises. For the past two or three years, this pantry had become increasingly messy. It had gotten to the point that I couldn't even step into it to get the things that I needed. And even if I could step inside it, the shelves were so jam packed that I could hardly find what I was looking for anyway. So, I spent all day Friday taking literally everything out, pitching all the old product, and revamping the entire thing. It took a lot of hard work and sacrafice, and because it is so clean now, I have thus earned the title of "Goddess" :0) If you would like to join my pantry in worshiping and singing my praises you may send your comments and/or offerings to!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Law Student's Wife

It begins again....a new semester with a new class schedule to try and remember, more law books filling up the corners of my bedroom but emptying my already dwindling pocketbook. Not to mention the loss of a husband for the next 12 or so weeks. And when said husband is here, he's distracted with thoughts of criminal procedures and tort reform and telling me why the cases I watch on Law and Order and CSI, "Would never hold up in a real court of law." I'll start feeling sorry for my self and all the pressure I'm experiencing because Im having to do it all on my own. Then, by week 10 or 11, I'll be staring into bloodshot eyes, rubbing slouched shoulders, editing case reports and cleaning out a car littered with Monster Energy drink cans and hot dog wrappers. And that's when it will hit me! When I'll realize the immense amount of pressure that he's been under. The stress that he faces each and every day to excel in his classes. To stand out above the other 100 or so students in the same field. And all for us. I know that being a lawyer was not his first career choice, but it is the choice he made as a father and husband so that he can build a better life for our family. That's when I will remember how blessed I am to be a law student's wife!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome Students

Welcome students to the exciting field of Heapology and its' associated themes. We're excited to have you as part of our program in this rapidly expanding field. We hope to offer you many future opportunities for continued growth and development as you study the depths of the Heap psyche and social behaviors.
Individual fields of study will include: Justinology, Red-Headology, Gavin Studies, and Behavioral Haydenism.

Important topics that will be addressed this semester:
- Lord of the Rings: Fact or Fiction?
- Advanced Verbosity and Its' Effects
- Gingeritis: Do Red Head's Have Souls?
- Taming the Blonde Demon: A look into combative techniques for raising a hyperactive 3 year old boy.
*This focus will require sparing gear, protective clothing and infinite patience.
Gavin Studies:
- Gavenise: Its' Roots and Origins
- Household Demolition: Theory and Practice
*This section includes experimental study of the potential to delay potty training into mid- teens
- Tantrums: Not just for 15 year old girls
Behavioral Haydenism:
- Gurggling and Beyond
- Wet Diapers and other Infantile Catastrophies

We hope you will join us as we study the lives of these gentle and fascinating creatures.