Friday, January 25, 2008

"Cuzzi" Night

Or around our house Spa Night. Ya see, if the word Jacuzzi is used in any way shape or form, the rest of the day is filled with whines and complaints about how Gavin wants to "go in the 'cuzzi' with Grandpa!" So every once in a while Grandpa Heap will call up an invite Gavin over for a dip in the "Spa" and this past Monday was such a night. Lucky for mom, on those blessed days, that invitation gives her quite a bit of leverage and Gavin tends to behave himself more.
Unlucky for Grandpa Heap, Gavin could spend all night in there and in response to the question, "Are you ready to get out?" Gavin turns to him and says, "Nope, sorry, maybe later!" We are so grateful for Grandpa Heap and we'll miss those invitations to "Cuzzi" Night!


K-10 said...

LOL. Gavin is so funny. You could write a book about his sayings and make millions, Gavin says the darndest thing! :o)

Melissa-Aaron said...

I'm going to start using that it our house. " so are you going to take out the trash?" "nope, sorry, later!!" "Are you going to make dinner?" Nope, sorry, later!" THat's classic!

Pedaling said...

both Gavin and Grandpa Heap look cute in the cuzzi!