Wednesday, January 28, 2009

I wish I really had a Tinkerbell

So yesterday Gavin and I were playing "Superman" (ya know where you lay on the floor, put your feet up and then the child lays tummy side down on your feet and you left them in the air) Well, I happen to look up at my celing fan and said, "eww Gavin look at the is sooo dirty." To which he replied, "Well we better clean it then mama." "We don't have a tall enough ladder to get up there." I said. Then Gavin says, " Well maybe we should call up Tinkerbell to come and sprinkle her stuff on us....then we could just fly up to the fan and clean it!" Oh, if only it were that easy son!

Love it!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Let Frito's Lay

I just thought these pictures of Hayden with his little bag of Frito Lays were just so darn cute! I'm tempted to send them in to the Frito's company...

Mowing the yard with Grandpa

This last Saturday I took the kids over to my parents for some much needed time out doors. We don't have a very big backyard, but my parents live on an acre so when we go over...the kids have a blast running around the backyard, riding bikes and if it's on a Saturday....catching a ride on my dad's lawn mower.
Before Gavin got on the mower with Grandpa though, he followed him around on a tricycle "mowing" the grass that he missed!

He had a lot of fun with Grandpa and slept hard that night!!!

Picture Tag

Justin and I saw this on our Aunt Shiela and Uncle Ted's blogs....Justin has been pressuring me to do this ever since and it is. You must answer the questions with pictures that you find on the internet.
Here goes!

Favorite Harry Potter Character

Spouses Job

What I studied in College

Favorite Object

My first job

My Grandmother's first name

One of my bad habits

My name

What my spouse calls me

Nickname for one of my kids

Past love

My hometown

A previous pet

Town I grew up in

Favorite color

Favorite animal

Favorite Food
Where I would like to travel

A place I have vacationed

My middle name

My age

Now I tag anyone who wants to play!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The World is His Toilet

On the way back from the Cabin this past Monday....Gavin exclaimed that he needed to go to the Justin finds the nearest turn off where we can have him go behind a bush.

Justin takes him to go potty and this is what Gavin says to him, "Daddy, this is so great....everywhere's a potty....the potty's the potty, the bush is the potty....everywhere's a potty.
It really isn't fair that boys can go wherever they please!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Happy Birthday

29 years ago today this sweet man was brought into this world! Never did I know that such a man as he could exist in my do I begin to express the feelings in my heart that I have for this man. He inspires me to love so deeply and would that he could see into my sould he would find the depth of passion, tenderness and love that holds him so close to my heart. Never have I met a more giving man who does so much for his wife, loves his children so deeply, and carries himself with such dignity and integrity. I love this man with all the fiber of my being and always will!

Happy Birthday Justin!

Congrat's Graduate!

It's over!!!! Well at least the school part....Justin graduated from Law School on the 19th of December and I couldn't be more proud of him! He is definitely far from being finished but what a huge accomplishment to be done with school and on to the final stages of his career!

Christmas in a Nutshell

I am so sorry for my little blogging hiatus....but I have so much to blog about and so I haven't wanted to actually sit down and do it all.....I mean where do I even begin? But, I am finally forcing myself to do it so that I can get Kristen, Aunt Lori, and yes....even my hubby off my back about it!
Christmas was a lot of fun....I really won't go into all the details about it, but here are some pics of the kiddos
Hayden didn't want to get off of his gift from Santa....even to open his other presents.

Christmas eve tradition is that the kiddos get a brand new pair of jammies to open and wear that night.

Don't they look all sunggly?

Hayden was not a happy camper when forced to sit on Santa's lap....

But Gavin is a seasoned pro! I ask you... could he look cuter???