Monday, January 19, 2009

Picture Tag

Justin and I saw this on our Aunt Shiela and Uncle Ted's blogs....Justin has been pressuring me to do this ever since and it is. You must answer the questions with pictures that you find on the internet.
Here goes!

Favorite Harry Potter Character

Spouses Job

What I studied in College

Favorite Object

My first job

My Grandmother's first name

One of my bad habits

My name

What my spouse calls me

Nickname for one of my kids

Past love

My hometown

A previous pet

Town I grew up in

Favorite color

Favorite animal

Favorite Food
Where I would like to travel

A place I have vacationed

My middle name

My age

Now I tag anyone who wants to play!


Kris-10 said...

How fun was that. I'll totally do it. Very creative!

Sarah said...

That femmie guys is really your favorite Harry Potter character?
At first I thought he was from the Scarlet Pimpernel.

The Heaps said...

That's Professor Lockhart and I love his character....especially the actor!


WHat kind of animal is that?

The Heaps said...

It's an ocelot