Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Made these for Justin's grandma's birthday party.

If anyone is interested, I am now taking orders for my cupcakes. Lemme know if you have a special event and need some made!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Picture Overload

My chord for my camera went missing about 4 months ago and has just now resurfaced....so lucky you....you get to view a bunch of pictures from Valentines, St. Patrick's and now Easter.

Hayden and Gavin with their gifts from "Cupid"

We made a big breakfast for Valentine's Day complete with heart shaped pancakes

The Boys on St. Patrick's Day

These are the cupcakes I made for our party that day.

This is most of the Stewart grandchildren dancing an Irish jig. They were supposed to dance through all 4 minutes of the song without stopping to get a prize.

At the end of the party the kiddos had to go on a search for these adorable treats Maren made. (the leprechaun stole them)

We had a really fun Easter this year watching General Conference, going to family's houses, Easter egg hunts, visits from the good ol' Easter bunny, food and fun. It all began on Good Friday when we dyed Easter eggs

Saturday night - putting our baskets out for Peter Cottontail

Sunday morning after Peter came

Here they are digging into their baskets

Hayden and Gavin got to decorate their own egg cupcakes made by Grandma Heap. They loved it.

They also got some balloon swords

The Boys with Great Grandma Ellie (Denise's mom)

The Boys on one of 3 Easter Egg hunts.

We really did have a blast....thanks to all those who contributed in making this such a fun day for my boys...and us!