Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Let me set the scene: Sunday after church - Gavin, Hayden and Daddy walking down the hall. They walk past Brother Garn (counselor in the Bishopric)

Bro. Garn: Hi Gavin how are you?
Gavin: I'm fine. Wait, how do you know my name?
Bro. Garn: Oh I know who you are!

They walk away
Gavin: He knows me because I'm famous.

Monday, March 15, 2010


This is my latest cake creation....

Love how it turned out. This was for my nieces 7th birthday party...she had a movie night. Those are actually mini cupcakes with popcorn made out of marshmallows on top. Took me about 5 hours to make but it was so worth it.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Feeling Calmer Today

So, I should probably apologize for my rant yesterday. Justin was kind of irritated with the post saying that I was giving the wrong impression of myself. I hope you all don't think less of me. If any of you are like me though, you know that as a mom, there are just days like that. It's not often that it happens, but everyone once in a while I get a little short tempered, that's all. Anyway, I apologize if I seemed less then composed. I really do love my life and my children...I wouldn't want things to be any other way!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Beware....don't ignite!!!

My fuse is reeeeaaaallllyy short today!

And I 'm trying really hard not to blow up. The kids are being particularly whiny and more dependent than usual as if they can't do anything for themselves. They are making messes left and right and if I hear "mom" one more time, I might just lose it.

I swear there is some hole in the universe that is sucking up all of my stuff because I can't find the things I'm looking for which means my house is in major need of some Spring Cleaning. But do I have time for that? Of course not, because I have 2 kids and a job and laundry coming out my ears and there are never enough hours in the day.

Yes my friends, my fuse is short...and I feel horrible for it. I yell more at my kids, I don't get anything done because my brain feels jumbled, and I'm just praying for a new day so I can start over. So until tomorrow, beware the fuse!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Well it's happened....Justin has opened up his own firm. After months and months of searching for a job in a firm, he found a great group of attorneys that all share an office space. They have offered him a space in their office and he has decided to take it and see what kind of business he can drum up on his own. I am so excited for him...nervous too, but mostly excited. He already has some business that the other guys have thrown his way and I think he is really pleased with the decision. This gunna be great... I can feel it! Above are the business cards I designed for him....what do ya think?

Pictures of his office coming soon!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Miracle Drug....

OK So it's not really a drug, but they sure have been a miracle. Gavin has always been, well more then active, but thanks to his Grandma Heap, who introduced us to these tiny little miracles, we are noticing a big change in him. He has been a lot more calm as of late and is able to settle himself down more. He just started taking them not even a week ago and takes 2 every morning. We couldn't be more pleased with the results we've seen in him. Thanks Denise for the miracle drug!