Saturday, January 5, 2008

Welcome Students

Welcome students to the exciting field of Heapology and its' associated themes. We're excited to have you as part of our program in this rapidly expanding field. We hope to offer you many future opportunities for continued growth and development as you study the depths of the Heap psyche and social behaviors.
Individual fields of study will include: Justinology, Red-Headology, Gavin Studies, and Behavioral Haydenism.

Important topics that will be addressed this semester:
- Lord of the Rings: Fact or Fiction?
- Advanced Verbosity and Its' Effects
- Gingeritis: Do Red Head's Have Souls?
- Taming the Blonde Demon: A look into combative techniques for raising a hyperactive 3 year old boy.
*This focus will require sparing gear, protective clothing and infinite patience.
Gavin Studies:
- Gavenise: Its' Roots and Origins
- Household Demolition: Theory and Practice
*This section includes experimental study of the potential to delay potty training into mid- teens
- Tantrums: Not just for 15 year old girls
Behavioral Haydenism:
- Gurggling and Beyond
- Wet Diapers and other Infantile Catastrophies

We hope you will join us as we study the lives of these gentle and fascinating creatures.


K-10 said...

Welcome to the world of bloghood. I hope you are prepared for each post to be as thought out as that one.

Mom H said...

Yikes!!! I now have an addiction. It's healthy . . . reading blogs.

Melissa-Aaron said...

YES!!! Another to shink in face of peer pressure!! Don't worry we did it too and now I'm an addict.

Hello, my name is Melissa Kleiner and I'm a blog-aholic!

Rachel and Kent Stewart said...

Yeah!! I am so glad that you have joined the blogosphere. Even though I didn't get an invite and Melissa had to inform me of the new addition, I am thrilled. And what a clever first post... I am looking forward to more.