Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Let Sleeping 'BOYS' Lie

The other evening, at around 4:45, I went into the kitchen to start making dinner. Justin was sitting on the couch and Gavin was in our bedroom watching a movie.
Well, it's 5:30....dinners ready and I call for them to come in and sit down to eat.....no response. I round the corner....no Justin on the couch so I go into our room to find father and son taking a little sietsa. I couldn't resist taking a picture before I had to wake them from their slumber.
Too Cute!!!


K-10 said...

How cute! They look so nice and comfy...I want to go and curl up in my bed now.


They do look cute - but I would have no problems blowing the air horn in their ears - WAKE UP - why am I the only one working - I know I am a slave driver.