Wednesday, June 4, 2008


I loved this book! I cannot get over the imagination that Stephenie Meyer has. As I sat reading this book, I was a little jealous that I had not the mental abilities, nor the wherewithal to write something like this.
I will admit, it took me maybe the first 100 or so pages to really start getting into it, but once I was in....I didn't want to come back out. I feel sorry for my neglected kids and the mess that was my house and in retrospect, I probably should have had enough self control to put it down, but you do what you gotta do and yesterday....I HAD to read this book!


K-10 said...

Brilliant! I just love how her books make me feel! I have a few other books that I am going to read then I am going to read it again.

The Lee Family said...

Jamie, I will need to read that! I am a big Twilight fan. My sister has been telling me to read it, but I am like you. I neglect everything when I am reading, so I haven't wanted to pick it up, just yet! I read about little Hayden...I am soooo sorry! That would make me bawl! That little sweet man....why do babies so sweet and tender have to go through pain??!

nicole said...

I bought that book a while back, but haven't started it yet. I heard her writing has really come a long way since the Twilight series.
Can't wait to start it now after hearing how much you loved it!


AMEN- The best!

emily said...

Oh Jamie I'm excited to hear someone has read this one and liked it. It will give me something to look forward to when i finish the newest of her twilight series...mmmmm. Have you read those? I'm guessing you have, and yes i do so agree with her imagination and her enticing way of writing.. LOVE her!!! Can' wait for the movies, but I will be amoung LOTS of teenie boppers!!! hehehe Hope you are doing well, Tell your lover hello for me(No not Edward, I mean Justin!)

love, emily