Friday, June 12, 2009


I do a lot of baking and because of this, I have a pantry chock full of sprinkles. Spring sprinkles, Halloween sprinkles, 4th of July Sprinkles, any kind of name it, I have it. It's a bit of an obsession really. Well, a few days ago, Hayden climbed the shelves in my pantry, found my stash and had a little fun!

I was a little upset at first, but this face is just too cute to stay mad at for too long....the sad thing is, he knows it too!!!


Family of 5 said...

That face is TOO CUTE to be mad at!! My Hyaden loves the pantry too and he can now open the door. I better hide my sprinkles!!

Ginee Scabrough said...

it must run in the family. Wesie does it so much that I don't have any left. He has a spoon that he has hidden in the pantry room when, if I can't find him, I know to look there too. He also gets into the brown sugar.

Too cute. Ginee


He is so cute! And you are right you cannot get mad at him! He is the sweetest little thing! What kind of sprinkles were they? Hah! Love you!

Heap of Adventure said...

He is just the cutest and the sprinkles make him cuter! grandma is going to have tomove her sprinkles!

Kris-10 said...

Where is the picture of the mess? :o) He is darling, of course. With our without sprinkles. said...

I used to tell my boys:
You are CUTE but NOT that CUTE!
after a mess or a stunt during their teenage years...
I ended up here because you said you'd never been fishing, I really wanted to see what a person looks like who's never been fishing!!
I still don't know, because it's all kids here! Where are YOU???
Found you through Zenica's and Michael's blogsite... Michael is my son.
Thanks for sharing the photos, very sweet and bring back great memories!
Twila and Chris Hall