Tuesday, February 26, 2008


So Hayden has been bumped up from "elf" to Santa
with this glorious beard of spittle!
Apparently one of all those numerous immunizations they gave Hayden a few moths ago didn't include his Rabies shot...I guess I'll have to look into that - but if it's too late, we've rented "Old Yeller" as an instructional video!


Checketts Bunch: said...

BEAUTIFUL BABY! I could eat his cheeks up. Hurry quick wipe it up before it dribbles on the couch. HA HA!

Mom H said...

Dang he is just so cute, even with the "stuff" running down his chin.

Checketts Bunch: said...

He is soooooo CUTE! So hurry and wipe it so I can kiss him all up!

K-10 said...

Drool, yum!