Thursday, August 26, 2010

Apple cookie order

Just got this finished and packaged up.

I love the green ones and I added a "shine" line this time which I think adds a ton!
To order cookies leave a comment or my email is I love customized orders!


Missy said...

I LOVE these. Perfect gifts for Teachers for Back to School nite!

nicole said...

i still can't get over these! jamie, you are so talented! i don't need anything at the moment, but i would love to know what you do and how much you charge for future orders. i'm thinking like for baby showers? i'm sure you have something for every occasion! great work!

Sarah said...

So cute, looks like a ton of work. You are awesome.

Pedaling said...

You are an artist!
Yes, the little touch of light reflection, made all the difference.
Those look to pretty to eat;
but i would still eat them because I LOVE sugar cookies!

diana said...

aw, these are awesome. i'm seriously loving all of your creations, you are so talented!