Thursday, June 3, 2010

Looking for Cookie Cutters?

I just found this really great site called America Tradition Cookie Cutters. I probably spent way more then I should...but they have some adorable cookie cutters. They even have weekly deals and sets that you can buy for a much cheaper price then buying individually.
I bought this set and I am so excited about using them for my boys.

Go check them out.


Krista said...

here's my problem. my sugar cookie recipes always fatten up too much, so you can't really make out the shape of what it's suppose to be. do you have a cookie recipe that works you can share?

The Heaps said...

I will post one soon!

Lindzena said...

Adorable. :) I really need to get more into baking. So cute.


Ok- I wish I was older- then I could do cooler things then you know- then I already CAN do!! LOL!