Tuesday, May 5, 2009

One Day....

One day I will actually be able to sit down and type out the events of our wonderful trip to Paris and Africa, but today is NOT that day.
But, I did want to blog about some funny things Gavin has said recently, if for no other reason then to journal them so I won't forget his sweetness!

Most recently Gavin brought Justin a loaf of Cinnamon Swirl bread that I bought from Walmart and the conversation went like this:
G: "Dad I want some of this blueberry bread."
J: "Gavin that is cinnamon bread."
G: "No dad, it's blueberry bread."
J: "Gavin, I promise you, it's cinnamon bread."
G: "OK dad, it's blueberry-cinnamon bread. We'll compromise!"

Now, I thought this was pretty brilliant for a 4 year old. For him to know this word, but not only know this word, but use it in the right context.....brilliant!

Another funny conversation happened between Gavin and his Grandma Stewart regarding his recent haircut. Upon seeing him for the first time since the haircut my mom says:

Gma: "Gavin! Who buzzed your hair?"
G: "Grandma, a bee didn't do it, it's just my haircut!"

Funny kid!


Sarah said...

He does have some good one liners, and I think he knows it. Cute kid

Jaime said...

Compromise huh?? LOL!!

The Stay's said...

Ahh...the things kids say! Call me!

Lori said...

I was starting to think that I was the only blogger in the family. Thank you for posting and really good posts too!

Gavin has said some pretty funny things. I will never forget one time when we were over having dinner and after I had finished eatting all my dinner, I noticed that Gavin was staring at me. I pushed my plate and said, "There, I finished my dinner - every single bite." Gavin smiled and said, "Oh Aunt Lori you're such a good little girl you cleaned up your plate." I love that boy and not just because he used the word "little" to describe me - but because he is so expressive.